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5 - Who is your Teacher?
Working well with your teacher lifts your mark.
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Your teacher

Obviously, at university one of the most important relationships you will have is between you and your teacher.

Every relationship can be analyzed to see what it involves. Once you know this you can then work out how to manage it.

When working in a profession you often need to analyze relationships. Professional sales and marketing staff do this analysis on the customers and the market they are trying to sell into. Human resource managers spend a lot of time analyzing and coaching staff in their relationships. The management of organisations put a lot of effort into analyzing what makes up particular relationships.

In organizations you are sometimes asked to do a “360 degree” review of the people around you. This is an analysis of the relationship and the performance of staff above and below you and staff you work with at your level.

As a student you can review your relationship with your teacher and your teacher’s performance. You can also review the relationship with your classmates, especially when you need to do group-work. This allows you to then manage those people to get the best outcome for yourself.

You may be lucky and have a great teacher or you may be unlucky and think your teacher is a doufus. Unfortunately you still need to work with them 😉 . You will unfortunately have to work with doufi a lot throughout your life. They may be your boss or upper management, your staff or a customer. You still need to manage these relationships.


So, what makes up the relationship between you and your teacher?


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