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32 - Write As You Learn

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Write as you Study

When you are doing your exam you will probably be required to write your answers. This will sound obvious and silly, however some students make the mistake of hardly writing down anything about the subject until they walk into the exam room.

Some students try to study by simply reading the lecture materials and textbooks. At the time this may seem effective, however, can you reproduce the theories? Can you use the theories?

Simply reading lecture materials, text-books or your notes is not enough for most students. You need to be writing as you learn and as you practice. This is an important part of getting the models and frameworks into your head.

Even if you use a lap-top or a tablet to take notes during the semester, you need to use a pen when you are memorising or practicing the concepts in your course.

It is the combination of mentally recalling the theories and physically writing them out that helps you re-create them in the exam.

Often theories are presented in a certain way in lectures. For example they may be drawn out in a table of a certain shape (for example Maslow’s Pyramid in the previous technique). I recommend reproducing the table in the same way as this will help you remember it for the exam.



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