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Before you write

1 - Why do we do Assignments?

It is about joining the dots


Why are they important?

A key skill that universities and colleges are trying to teach you is ‘Critical Thinking’. This is going through a process to come to a conclusion about something you are studying. Critical Thinking is used in most trades and professions around the world. Doing this well will help you be successful in your work-life. This means better jobs and better salaries.

Your teachers are providing you with theories, frameworks and models that help you structure this process. This means that the concepts taught help you ensure that you are considering all the important aspects in a logical way.

The next step is to apply these models or theories to new information and data. This is the hard part.

The students who do well are those that can make connections between points from their analysis to build a theme or argument. This is like “joining the dots” between bits of information from the assignment topic. It is also about making the connections between the concepts you are taught and these pieces of information.

Assignments are there to get you practicing this. They are about you providing an informed opinion or conclusion supported by the analyzed information, evidence or examples.


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