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11 - Key words from Lectures.

The person marking your work is looking for this.

This reflects back what you have learnt

Using Key Words


At university or college you sit in lectures or watch them on-line to be taught the concepts, frameworks or theories for that subject. Obviously, the intention is that you will then use these in your assignments and exams.

An important report or essay technique is to ensure that you use the key words from these theories in your writing. Some students make the mistake of writing about the concepts but in a vague way. It is important to make it obvious that you are using a particular framework by using its key words.

Simply including the key words gets you “half way there”. The person marking your report or essay sees these and generally thinks to herself “OK… this guy is on the right track.” This should get you some of the marks before you even start to use the model or theory well.

By ensuring that you use the key words to set up your discussion you get a lot further along the track toward better marks.



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