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36 - Throw Down the Theories.

Can you do a brain dump ?

This helps open up your thinking

Draw out the theories as a start

In previous techniques we discussed the importance of knowing how the models that have been taught fit into in the subject and methods to help get these into your head.

The natural next step in this is to be able to do a “Brain Dump.” By this we mean you need to be able to write the theory or model or framework down on the exam paper and then to use it to produce your answer.

Many students do not practice doing this. This can then lead to them struggling with this during the exam.

By “Throwing down the relevant theory” you are setting yourself up to answer the question in a structured way which will help ensure that you are putting in enough detail to get better marks.

For some questions, putting the right theory in will get you some marks even before you start using it.



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