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24 - The Assignment Layout.

A professional look helps you stop losing marks.

Keep it neat

Laying out Tables

The work we submit needs to be neat. This sounds obvious, however some students hand in reports or essays that are a mess. These will lose marks.

The other dimension is that when marking, if a teacher picks up a report or an essay that looks messy we are immediately suspicious of the quality of it’s contents. This is the same situation in industry. If a customer reads a quotation or a report from a potential supplier that is not neat, that customer will probably have a bad impression even before they have read a word.


You need to have consistency in your use of font types and sizes, acronyms, spelling options and structure. This is particularly important in group work where you are combining the work of a number of students. Someone needs to go through and make sure it is all consistent.

Be careful with tables.

If you are placing tables, charts or dot-point lists into your report you need to ensure that they fit. Try to make them fit inside one page rather than flowing on to the next page.

If they are too big for one page then you need to cut off the table or list at the end of the first page and then start it again on the next page.

Here is an example of this done badly:

As you can see, this table looks unfinished and unprofessional. It has been simply pasted in. This can lose marks.

This next table has been neatly cropped off and started again on the next page. This is the professional way to do it.

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