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What is this all about?

1 - The Success Pyramid

There are several things needed to be successful.


The Success Pyramid.

Let’s assume that this pyramid represents the mark you will receive for your assignment.


The base is made up of how well you know the theory of your subject. This comes from how smart you are, how good your teachers are and how hard you work in the subject.

The top is luck. Everyone needs some luck to do well in any aspect of life. For an assignment that luck may be that it is about a topic you really enjoy or in the week leading up to the deadline you miraculously have everything go right 😉

The middle part is your technique. This is where this app can help you. You need to be able to take the knowledge you have been taught in the subject and then apply it in the right way to get a great mark.

We believe that the majority of students lose somewhere between 10% and 30% of marks in an assignment due to poor technique. This area is very often overlooked by both students and teachers.

The Weakest link in the chain

Another way to look at this is to use a chain analogy.

The saying “weakest link in the chain” is often used. If one link in a chain is weak then the chain will break. This is a way of saying that all components of a system must work well for the system to be a success.

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