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The Theory & the Analysis.

You need to address both things

The person marking is looking at these 2 things

Theory. Analysis.

Students need to learn which of the theories they were taught apply to particular senarios. Generally, we are being tested on two things in an exam:

1. Your knowledge of the theories, models and frameworks used in the subject.

This is the obvious one. You need to understand and be able to re-create these in the exam.

2. Your ability to these to analyse a situation and provide an answer.

This is the less obvious one. Generally you will need to use one or more of the models you were taught to answer a question.

These are 2 different things. Students can make the mistake of spending all their time writing about a model when half the marks will be given for the use of the model.

You need to think through the list of theories and models that have been taught in class and then use the appropriate ones in your exam answer to get the best marks.

We recommend discussing with your teacher how many marks of each question applies to the use of the models or frameworks.



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