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35 - Make it easy to find the answer.

Help the person marking your exam

Highlight key terms

Make your answers stand out

You need to make it easy for the examiner to find the answers.

You are “selling” your answers to the examiner. Part of this is to make it easy for them “to buy.”

Just as you need to dissect the question to break it into its sub-questions, the person doing the marking needs to dissect your answer to find the bits of information to which they can award some marks.

The person doing the marking needs to sort out which bits of your answer are the “good stuff” and which bits are “just guff”. They can only give you marks for the good stuff.

This means that you need to make it easy for them to find the good stuff.

The following techniques show how to use the question wording in the answer and how we should “open up” your writing to make reading it easy.

There are also some simple things you can do which really help.
Put headings in your answer to show exactly which sub-questions you are answering.
Highlight key words to direct the marker. You may be able to use fluoro-pens to highlight key words to show where each sub-question or new piece of evidence can be found.

We recommend asking your teacher in the weeks leading up to the exam if it is OK to use fluoro-pens.

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