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38 - If you Finish Early.

Don’t just walk out 

There are extra marks there

Using your spare time

Sometimes in an exam we finish writing before the time limit is reached.Sometimes in an exam we finish writing before the time limit is reached.
This can be because you feel that you have fully answered each question or you are unsure how to answer some parts of the paper.
I can remember an exam where I left early thinking that I had done a great job, only to remember the theory I should have used as I left the building. This mistake probably cost me 10%.
We recommend that you do not leave the exam until you have double and triple checked that you have squeezed every possible mark that you can from the exam:

  • Re-read each question to ensure that you have answered every single sub-question.
  • Mindmap the theories of each of the questions again. This can help you remember other detail to add.
  • Use your mindmap to think about the question in a different way.
  • Should you add additional examples of evidence to show that you can apply the theories ? This can help ensure that you get full marks for those sub-questions.

If there is a question that you are a little unsure about, we recommend spending some time “doodling” on it. For example, draw out a mind-map of the physical look of the model on the blank notes page to the left.

You may find that the mind-map you are doodling with contains information that will get you some more marks. In this case, add them into your answer.

If you find the answer in your doodling during the last minute of the exam, you can circle it and refer the reader to it in the main body of your answer.

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