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14 - Your Creativity.

Showing great creativity lifts your mark.

Capturing your ideas

Get Creative

Creativity is crucial to your success. At university and when you start your professional work creativity is one of the key things that gets you ahead. Your use of creativity lets you stand out from your competitors. You need to use creativity in the technical aspects of your profession and you need to use creativity in marketing yourself.

A big part of creativity is technique. Lots of people think of a good idea. That is quite easy. The hard part is to work with that idea to turn it into something useful.

So, in regards to your studies, when does your creativity occur? When going for a run? On the train? Random times?

People often find that it occurs at random times. Once they have started a project it seems to work away in the back of their mind and then at random times an idea pops into their head. Often something happening around them will trigger it.

When writing a report, it is a great idea to try and make a start well before the due date. Once you have made this start you often find that ideas may come to you at any time during the following days.

Of course, for most of us, writing a report or an essay often becomes a rush at the end. It certainly did for us as students. Why do we always leave it until the last night?

Some of the most effective people we know say that they try to do the hardest thing first. If you have a list of things to do, we often do the easiest thing first. This can then mean that we never seem to get around to doing the harder things. These harder things are often the most important. They still need to get done and the longer we leave them the more stressful they become.

Even if you do most of the writing near the deadline, if you make a simple start to it a couple of weeks ahead it may sit in the back of your mind and ideas may flow to you. We like to call these ideas “pop-ins.”

We often feel some sort of barrier stopping us from making a start on a report or an essay. We often feel that we will not know what to write. This may be overcome by making this very simple early start and then the processing in the back of your mind may generate the ideas you need.

So, we recommend that you make a simple early start. Then, when any ideas pop into your head write them down or type them into a note in your phone so that you can look at them later. Record them before they pop out again. It does not matter how stupid they seem.

Creative people often keep a pad next to the bed to record the good pop-ins that come during the night.

By recording them, you can then forget about them until you sit down to write. This helps to keep your mind clear, reduce stress and to help you sleep. It also may reduce the barrier that is stopping you starting your writing.



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