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3 - The Extra Dimension

There are often some less obvious things we need to get right.

Here, we will try to provide a context for the techniques.

This is to try and explain how different aspects of what we do are related.

The other dimension.

In many of the things we do there is another dimension to consider. This is often not obvious and can only be seen with experience. Things are often not just what they first appear to be.

The look of a pop-star, not just their sound.

Take for example, Lady GaGa. Her songs are great but there are other things that make her interesting. The clothes she wears and her publicity stunts add other dimensions to her. Her success comes not just from her music but also from these other dimensions.

Think of food.

We enjoy it not just because of its taste and its smell, but also because of its texture.

What we drink.

Whether it’s a cup of tea or a beer at a bar we enjoy a drink not only for the taste but also because of the feel of the cup or glass.

Asking for something.

When a friend or a customer asks you for something you need to think about what they really want, not just what they have asked. Why have they asked for this? This is an extra dimension.


When you start Work.

We have already mentioned the need to work hard and smart . This is the extra dimension that has a huge effect on your results. It is just as important to work smart, as it is to work hard.

In organizations it is often the people who work hard and smart who move up the ladder.

“Plodders” are those people who don’t work smart. They may work hard but always end up in the background doing the routine work. Don’t get us wrong, these guys are important in organizations. Not everyone can get to more senior roles and lots of people enjoy the routine roles.

However, those who work hard and smart have the choice of doing a wider variety of work and more senior work. These guys move up the corporate ladder and make more money.



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