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What is this all about?

How this App helps you.
We love helping students.


How this site helps you.

This site is written to help you get better marks for your assignments and exams.

We have written it to be as simple as possible to read and understand, using straightforward language. We have also made it short, to allow you to start using the techniques straight away.

The first 7 sections provide the background and context for improved report writing and exam technique. The following sections provide a range of techniques to help you get better marks.

The final section provides a summary and a step-by-step process that we believe will help you.

Low Hanging Fruit.

A common mistake we make is to ignore the easy stuff that can really make a difference. When doing assignments we often do this. “Picking the Low Hanging Fruit” is a term we often use in business to really ensure that we have done the basic things that get us a long way to where we want to go. This is very important in doing assignments. Some of these techniques are focused on helping you ensure that you do this.

In classes we spend a lot of time coaching students to use these practical techniques to improve their marks. We have found that those students who do take these steps improve their marks, often significantly.

We use simple examples.

Throughout this site we use simple (and silly) examples to help explain the techniques.

These 3 strange characters are used in some examples. The reason why will become clear a little later.

Our Experience.

The techniques we discuss come from our experience as university teachers and from experience as professionals in industry. There are many similarities in the work you are required to do in your study and in the work you will be required to do in your upcoming professional job.

Attacking the Problem from a Different Angle.

Working as a professional involves looking at all the parts that make up the thing you are trying to do. An assignment looks less daunting when you break it down and work on its parts separately.

The profession of Marketing involves working out everything that your customer (i.e. your teacher) wants and then working out how to best provide this.

We believe it is this professional approach that makes useful to you. We are attacking the problem of getting a good mark for your assignment from a different angle.

We have also written these techniques based on our experience as students, where we made the same mistakes that we see many students make now. After marking thousands of assignments, it is only now that we have seen reports and essays from a teacher’s perspective that we understand how these mistakes happen.


the Student Technique team.

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