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About Us

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We love helping students.

The Student Technique team is made up of teachers who are passionate about helping students be your best.

The teachers have taught thousands of students and marked thousands of assignments and exams. We have worked with students from all around the world.

A key thing we have learned is that there are some very common – and simple – mistakes that students make. These mistakes often lead to students losing between 10% to 30% of your marks.

Our Experience.
The techniques we discuss come from our experience as university teachers and from experience as professionals in industry. There are many similarities in the work you are required to do in your study and in the work you will be required to do in your upcoming professional job.

Attacking the Problem from a Different Angle.

Working as a professional involves looking at all the parts that make up the thing you are trying to do. An assignment looks less daunting when you break it down and work on its parts separately.

For example, the profession of Marketing involves working out everything that your customer (i.e. your teacher) wants and then working out how to best provide this.

Also, in professions like engineering, medicine and accounting; practicioners need to break a problem down into its components, analyze each part then put together a solution.


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We believe it is this professional approach that makes useful to you. We are attacking the problem of getting a good mark for your assignments and exams from a different angle.

We have also written the techniques based on our experience as students, where we made the same mistakes that we see many students make now. After marking thousands of assignments, it is only now that we have seen assignments and exams from a teacher’s perspective that we understand how these mistakes happen.


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