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2 - A Professional Approach

This makes things easier.

Background to the Techniques

A Professional Approach

This makes things easier.

University teaches you how to think. It teaches you how to analyse a problem in your field and then to provide a solution. Your ability to do this is a key to success in your studies and in your professional work.

Your success comes from working hard and “working smart”. This app teaches you techniques that help you work smart.

There are many similarities between the report and essay writing you do at university and the types of writing you need to do in many professional jobs; letters, reports and proposals.

We are going to talk about writing from the point of view of writing when you are a professional in your chosen career. After you have been working for a while in a professional job you learn that there are techniques you can use to make your report writing easier to do and yet be more effective.

If you learn these techniques earlier, at university or at school, it should help you write reports and essays faster and get better marks for them. This is the same skill that will let you write work reports faster and provide better information to your customer or to your management. At work this leads to better respect from those you work with and it helps open up opportunities for promotions and earning better salaries. At university it leads to the better marks and the professional approach that will help you get a better job in the first place or will get you entrance to a better post-graduate course.

Some of these techniques may seem basic. Indeed many of them are simple and common sense. That is the beauty of them. Often in life we ignore the obvious even if this has a huge negative impact on us. Once you latch your brain on to these things you can realise how to never make the same mistake again.

This program is about technique, not the subject material. This means it is appropriate no matter which subject you are looking for help with.

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